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Find Your Ideal Mortgage with Expert Guidance.


Here are a few of our products and what we can do for you:

As your mortgage agent, I'm here to streamline and personalize your mortgage renewal. I leverage industry insights to secure optimal interest rates and terms tailored to your evolving financial needs. Let's navigate this process together, ensuring a renewed mortgage that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.




As your dedicated mortgage agent, I specialize in assisting first-time homebuyers through the process of purchasing their first home. With a focus on tailored solutions, I use my industry expertise to secure favorable terms and navigate the complexities of homebuying. From understanding your finances to exploring suitable mortgage options, I am committed to providing clear guidance at every step.


First time


I specialize in assisting homeowners that have incurred high interest debt (credit cards, car loans, etc) and help them reduce the burden of high monthly interest payments into more manageable mortgage refinancing options. I use my industry expertise to secure favorable terms, navigate complexities, and provide clear guidance throughout the process. Let's ensure a smooth and informed experience for your refinancing needs.



I excel in aiding individuals seeking alternative lending solutions. Whether you're entering the housing market for the first time, refinancing your home, or exploring non-traditional lending options, my expertise ensures securing favorable terms and offering clear guidance throughout the process.




I specialize in securing mortgages for individuals with bad credit. Whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to refinance, or facing credit challenges, I provide clear guidance and viable terms. Let's work together for a customized and straightforward solution to fit your unique financial situation.


Mortgages for those with bad credit

About Me


Mauro is an out-of-the-box thinker who thrives in a diverse, collaborative and fast-paced environment while working alongside clients, team members, and stakeholders to align goals, set expectations and provide results by delivering what is expected.


Mauro's promise to you is honest and ethical advice, along with re-assurance that he will be with you, holding your hand at every step of the way in the process of achieving your home ownership / real estate investment goals. Whether you are purchasing, looking to renovate a home, transferring a mortgage, refinancing an existing mortgage, or investing in real estate, his client comes first approach will help guide you in making the appropriate decision for one of the most important purchases that you will make in your lifetime.

On a personal note, Mauro has a small, beautiful family and lives in Vaughan with his wife Katherine and daughter Emily. He enjoys music, and sports, and is an avid runner and squash player. He enjoys spending time in his community and helping others in the community as much as he can. He is also committing his time to a not-for-profit initiative that he runs with his wife called The Kind Pantry Project. The goal of this initiative is to help various Food Banks across the Greater Toronto Area get the much-needed food that they require during the holiday season, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy a warm meal during the holidays and beyond. He looks forward to meeting you to discuss your needs!

Our goal is to find the best product for you and your family


Mortgage Agents are trained professionals who can help you save thousands on your mortgage. A Mortgage Agent's primary expertise is locating funding for mortgage financing. They know where the best rates can be found. What's more, they have the knowledge required to present a proposal for financing to lenders in the best way possible to successfully obtain mortgage financing.

Mortgage Agents work hard for YOU and NOT the banks! Agents are not limited in the product they can offer you. Agents seek out the best lender package to suit your specific situation, whether it’s with a Chartered Bank, Trust or Insurance Company, or Private Funds. There is a wide assortment of options and features available to homebuyers today. Shopping around takes a lot of time and effort. The mortgage process within today's very competitive marketplace intimidates many Canadian homebuyers. It pays to work with a mortgage professional who will represent you and ensure the mortgage you get is the one best suited to your needs. Choosing the wrong mortgage can cost you thousands of extra dollars. Mortgage Brokers are trained professionals who can help you save on your mortgage dollar.

Skills that speaks for themselves


Navigate the mortgage market with our profound industry knowledge and expertise."


Confide in our mortgage expertise for trustworthy and reliable financial guidance."


Trustworthy agent who prioritizes integrity, ensuring transparent, ethical practices for lasting client trust.


What my clients are saying


Had to share my experience with my mortgage agent because he deserves a shout out for all of his hard work. Mauro worked closely with me during a very challenging time in my life when I had to sell my home and find something new. His patience, his guidance, his careful consideration of my needs made him the perfect choice. 

Bella Panas, Toronto

Mauro was incredibly diligent and professional throughout the process. He responded almost immediately whenever I contacted him. He walked me through the entire mortgage process and explained the pros and cons of every choice I had to make. Can't thank Mauro enough for making my mortgage process so easy and smooth.

Vince Cavuto, Toronto

Mauro was transparent, his responses were swift, and he made sure he addressed our needs and concerns. Everything was handled professionally and he was very easy to reach. We couldn't be happier and would not think twice about recommending him to anyone who needs help with their mortgage.

Steve M., Toronto

You're probably


  • What type of mortgage is best for me?
    The best mortgage depends on your financial goals and situation. A mortgage agent will assess your needs to recommend options like fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, or government-backed loans.
  • How much can I afford to borrow?
    We will evaluate your income, expenses, and credit to determine a suitable loan amount. We consider your financial stability and ensure affordability. You can try our online tool to see if you can get pre-approved.
  • What interest rates are available?
    Interest rates vary. Mortgage agents provide insights into current rates, help you understand market trends, and explore options to secure the most favorable rate for your loan.
  • What are the upfront costs and fees?
    Mortgage agents detail all associated costs, such as closing costs, appraisal fees, and origination fees. Transparency ensures you understand the financial aspects of your mortgage.
  • How long does the mortgage process take?
    The timeline varies, but we guide you through each step. We help streamline the process, providing realistic expectations and updates along the way.
  • What happens if I face financial challenges?
    We discuss potential challenges and work with you to find solutions. Whether it's temporary financial setbacks or changing circumstances, we assist in navigating any obstacles.

in Touch

Mauro Giovannone

Mortgage Agent - M21004997

Pineapple Lic. ON 12830 - 200-111 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto

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